Thursday, November 22, 2007

Week 9 # 21 Podcasts

For this exercise I first of all went to and selected the alphabetical option. Purely randomly I clicked on B and then decided on Baby Boomers (simply because I am one!) This brought up four options. However, I then ran into trouble with my chosen podcast because I was required to download something called ActiveX, but ended up going around in circles because of course I couldn’t download it here at the library and couldn’t get any further without it. So then I went to Yahoo podcasts and searched on Library, and came up with “Resources for librarians who are interested in the application of web design and technologies in libraries”. This is the one I chose: lwc_podcast2.mp3 which seems to be an oral blog.
I suspect you would have to be selective in what blog to listen to, as come might be a bit rambling. Probably better to stick to radio broadcasts and other professionally made podcasts.

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acl elgar said...

This exercise didn't really make much impact on me either