Saturday, November 24, 2007

Week 9 # 23 Wrap up

Well, here I am at # 23! I have just looked back at my oldest posts, and I am reminded that I really had no idea what I was embarking on. The week of looking at social networking sites coincided with my son and his flatmates putting our dog’s profile on the Dogbook section of Facebook and they were very surprised that I knew what they were talking about! On to Flickr – with a new grandchild due next year, this will be a great way of sharing photos.

The next stage was RSS feeds and I have to say I found this section the most difficult of the whole journey, and had to call upon a more IT savvy workmate to assist the first time I added a feed. The library feeds exercises showed very useful ways of both helping our customers and helping ourselves to locate useful information about book reviews and so on. The Image Generators would be a good place for finding ideas for Christmas themes, both for library decorating and for personal use. The folksonomies concept caters very well to people with like interests, so that they can take advantage of others’ knowledge in building their lists of favourites. Wikis and online tools are unbelievably useful, so thanks to the ACL Learning programme for drawing our attention to all these.

I had heard of YouTube of course and had even followed a link to one or two videos myself, but I had never before gone to the site and had a look around – I will be returning frequently. And the ebooks resources in our own library were a revelation! How can we advertise this better to customers?

Many thanks to Jane and the team for all their work. Congratulations – it’s a great programme.


acl elgar said...

Wooop Wooop we have another one has been great watching you progress and reading about what you have been doing, a big pat on the pack and your mp3 player is on its way

mumbaichic said...

Awesome blog.

acl elgar said...

This is slightly embarrasing, can you contact us with your real name so we can get that MP3 player off to you.